About Us

Dial Square Investments PLC has been formed for the purpose of acquiring a company or business operating in the sports management and talent representation sector.

The Company was incorporated on 15th February 2021, and began trading on the Standard List of the London Stock Exchange on the 30th November 2022 with ticker DSI. With funds raised from our IPO, we will work towards developing our business by making investments within the sports management industry, as further described below. If the Directors deem appropriate and as required, the Company may subsequently seek to raise further capital for the purposes of completing acquisitions.

The Board is responsible for the Company’s objectives and business strategy and its overall supervision, including the approval of acquisitions.

The Board will also be responsible for the identification and evaluation of acquisition opportunities, the structuring and execution of acquisitions and determination and execution of strategy for the acquired company or business. The Board has considerable experience in identifying and assessing acquisition targets and in executing such transactions. An acquisition will be required to establish the Company’s presence in the sports management, talent represent and wider sports industry and will form the basis of the Company’s growth in that sector. It is not intended that the Company acquire minority stakes in any entities but that it acquires and operates the sporting industry businesses that it acquires interests in.